Dr. Sadana: I am a tiny woman who has great love for Leskovac and I’ll stay here till barbacue festival Roštiljijada.

Neeti Sadana, doctor from America pronounced the title of this article, mostly using Serbian language. Today ,at the vaccination point “Partizan” in Leskovac, she had previously talked to the vaccinated people, thanking them for getting vaccinated and at the same time, asking everyone how they felt.

As we have wrote earlier ,this really tiny woman with an always smiling face and dedication to the profession and patients, comes from Boston where, in addition to lecturing at the University there, she also does practical work in the hospital. She came to Leskovac in General Hospital, as a Fulbright scholarship holder to train in the field of anesthesiology with a special emphasis on safe childbirth in high-risk pregnancies.  She worked in the Covid system in the USA for a long time .

She fell in love with Leskovac, as well as for her colleagues in General hospital.

’You should all get vaccinated, and I’ll stay here till Roštiljijada in August’.

“In my opinion citizens of Leskovac are very lucky, because the city government cares so much about them, about their safety, health and well-being, gives them a choice and has made it possible for everyone to get vaccinated very easily and efficiently,” he says.

Her opinion is that the Corona virus pandemic taught us to think globally.

“The pandemic has taught us all that we are not Serbs or Americans and Germans, we are global residents, we all inhabit one place.We will not return to the old way of life, until all social communities are vaccinated and cured“ ,this doctor said.

Dr. Neeti Sadana chose Leskovac where she will continue her training in the field of anesthesiology with a special emphasis on safe childbirth in high-risk pregnancies. She was granted with the Fulbright scholarship for improving the system for painless childbirth. She is employed in a hospital in Boston, where she worked as head of the Department of Anesthesiology during Covid-19. She also works as a University professor.

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